Restaurants & Bars

Combine the style of Shanghai and a friendly Australian attitude and you have Aromacafez. With a wine list comprised of local and international wines there is never a problem finding the perfect to drop to accompany the beautifully cooked European-influenced food. Add a wonderful ambience and attentive service to simply elegant decor and you have a truly memorable dining experience.

The Cauldron
Eating at Red Lantern is an event. The opulent décor, complete with exquisite crockery, sets the scene for a dining experience that is truly impressive. Secluded private rooms combine with bustling atmosphere of the general restaurant and wonderful service to form the perfect backdrop for the stunning Multi-regional cuisine. Order a la carte or put yourself in the hands of our experienced chefs and experience the magic of Chinese cooking at its absolute best.

Oscars Cigar Lounge & Bar
Oscars provides the perfect atmosphere to complete the night or to start it. Select from an array of fine cigars to be complemented with smooth jazz, a dazzling array of fine liquors, wines and cocktails and impressive service. Oscars is the place to relax, indulge the senses and enjoy.

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