About ShangHai

Shanghai is deservedly regarded as one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world. Home to almost 12-million people, Shanghai is China's largest city and is situated in the center of the coastline where the Yangtze River flows through its delta into the East China Sea.

Shanghai is China's industrial and commercial capital. It is a busy sea port; a science and technology center, and has a vibrant business community. Visitors to the city marvel at the blending of architecture ranging from traditional Chinese houses and temples to the colonial waterfront of the Bund which itself is mirrored by the ultramodern skyline of Pudong across the Huangpu River. Shanghai is where many of the world’s cultures meet and this brilliant cultural mix is reflected in the remarkable diversity of Shanghai’s dining and bar scene and the variety of its events and festivals. Shanghai is also host to some of China’s biggest sporting events – the Formula One Grand Prix, the ITP Shanghai Tennis Masters, the Shanghai Masters Golf tournament. If this isn’t enough, just walking the busy streets, soaking up the energetic atmosphere is worthwhile, as is discovering scenic sites including ancient temples, gardens, and the excellent Shanghai Museum.

From its turbulent and exotic history, Shanghai now claims a place as a major international finance and trade centre and as one of the world’s great cities; a place to conduct business, explore history, create new history, and simply enjoy. We are proud to be able to accommodate you for your journey to this wonderful metropolis.

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